Transportable, agile, turbo diesel powered mobility for 2-4 (diesel).

MRZR®s have redefined ultra-light mobility for over 5 years with U.S. and allied forces. With its modular, air-transportable and agile off-road design, the MRZR has been used for missions ranging from rapid personnel deployment to command and control, casualty evacuation to supply transport missions, and more. The MRZR D2 is turbo diesel powered, seats 2-4, holds 1 litter and can carry up to 1,000 lbs of payload. This diesel variant also features 80% more range than gas models, more auxiliary power, improved sight lines, standard spare tire holder, IR light and more.  Keep scrolling through this feature section to learn more about the MRZR D2!

True off-road capability

Forged from 60+ years of off-road innovation, the MRZR delivers world-class off-road mobility. POWER – Turbo diesel engine with 80% more range than gas and an integrated alternator providing 107 amps @3700 RPM SUSPENSION – Uncompromising ride with military-grade payload suspension AGILITY - Polaris’ True On-Demand All-Wheel Drive System and Electronic Power Steering"


To be as expeditionary as the warfighters that use them, MRZR vehicles are designed for easy air-transport. Engineered with a roll cage that folds on the hood without tools and air-craft tie down points connected to the frame, it has been certified for internal air transport in a V-22, H-53 and H-47. MRZRs have also been proven for sling load or air drop thanks to their ultra-light vehicle weight and design.

Mission Versatility

Off-road mobility means nothing if you can’t easily carry mission critical gear. The MRZR not only transports the operator through challenging terrain, but the cargo as well. 500 lb / 226.8 kg rear box capacity with hundreds of cargo tie down points including a standard quick rail system 1 longitudinally placed litter with optional mounts 4 standard Lock & Ride locations for optional spare tire or fuel / water can holders

Durable & Effective for Tactical Ops

We've fine tuned our recently fielded MRZR D models using feedback on our gas variants, which have been fielded for over 5 years, from operators around the world. MRZR D models have these next level features that make the vehicle even more durable and effective: Full underbody skid plate and front bumper for durability in harsh terrain Polaris 4,500 lb winch to maneuver challenging terrain Blackout drive and standard IR light for night time ops Improved sight lines with no cross member on front of roll cage

Product Preview


Signature MRZR capabilities with turbo diesel power and additional improvements

  • Turbo diesel powered
  • 2-4 person capacity
  • 1 litter capacity
  • 1,000 lb payload
  • 80% more range than gas models
  • More auxiliary power than gas models
  • Improved sight lines
  • Standard spare tire holder and IR light
  • And more